The title might be a bit confusing, but if you face this error while installing or updating the Realtek audio driver, you will recognize it. Basically error code 0x000005b3 during the install of the Realtek audio driver indicates a problem with the driver installation, caused by the currently installed driver. The existing driver is corrupt, or partially uninstalled.

So how can you fix this Realtek audio driver install error?

The basic solution to this error is to uninstall the previous Realtek audio driver. That sounds simple, but the normal uinstall option is not always sufficient to solve the error.

The first step however is to run the uninstall from the Control Panel -> Uninstall (Vista/Windows 7) or Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP).

Uninstall Realtek HD audio driver software

Once this is complete, you should open the Device Manager and check the entries under the Sound, video and game controllers. If there is still an audio device listed, uninstall it there as well. You can simply right-click the device and select Uninstall in the popup menu.

Uninstall Realtek High Definition Audio Driver device

If you see an option to remove the device driver files, select that checkbox as well before confirming the uninstall.

Remove Realtek driver software

In most cases this is still not sufficient, and the error persists. The steps that do solve the issue are to also remove the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio in the System devices category. So still in the Device Manager, open the System devices and see if this device is present. If it is, uninstall it in the same way you uninstalled the Realtek High Definition Audio device.

If the MS UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio does not want to uninstall, try disabling it first and then uninstall it. Simply right-click the device and select Disable in the popup menu. Then repeat with the Uninstall option.

Now reboot the computer and try the update or install of the Realtek audio driver again. You should no longer get the “install realtek audio driver failure” message with error code 0x000005b3.

23 Responses to “How to fix install realtek audio driver failure error code 0x000005b3”

  1. wahid says:

    hey, I got the same error that you have mentioned here. I tried what you have suggested but my problem doesn’t seem to fade. When I uninstall the Audio controller in Device Manager list, the drivers get automatically updated (I see that in System Tray Icon). So when I install REALTEK, it still shows the same error. I booted in SAFE mode and tried, but same result. Should I delete the Audio Drivers in the Windows/Sys32 folder?? Please help….. I’m not getting any sound now.

    Btw I’m using Windows7 ultimate. Intel DH55TC mobo and Intel i3 processor.

  2. Geoff says:

    @wahid – One thing I would suggest you try, is to disable the automatic driver updates (Computer Properties->Advanced System Settings->Hardware tab->Windows Update Driver Settings), and possibly also use the group policy editor to disable driver installation (Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates–>System->Driver Installation, set to Enabled).
    That might help prevent the driver from being automatically being installed when you uninstall the Realtek audio device, so you can complete the steps.

  3. Andreas says:

    The Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio wasn’t there on my computer. and I still can’t install it correctly

  4. Geoff says:

    @Andreas – What is the error you get when you try to install the Realtek sound driver? Is it code 0x000005b3, or something else?

  5. dan says:

    Hi guys , i try to do this , but i don’t have realtek high definition in device manager ,
    i can’t find it .. please help me

  6. pablo says:

    el error sigue,
    win8 no tiene UAA Bus Driver Microsoft para audio de alta definición

    the error dont go
    win8 dont have Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

    my pc is: TA790GX A3+

    I think the problem is win8
    Yo creo q el problema es win8

  7. pablo says:

    mis errores son:
    _error code -0001
    _error code -0101


  8. Geoff says:

    @pablo – THe Realtek ALC888 chipset is supported on Windows 8 using the latest Realtek audio drivers. The error 0x000005b3 is more likely an installer error. Check that you are using an admin account to install the driver, or try uninstalling the existing driver first.

  9. pablo says:

    belive me i try everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ananya says:

    Hello Geoff,

    I’ve tried these things and didn’t work well for me. Please tell me what should I try now?


  11. Geoff says:

    @Ananya – From what I know it is always a specific sequence of uninstalling all audio related devices and drivers (like including the MS audio bus driver), and then rebooting and reinstalling the Realtek drivers.
    If you maintain having issues, check if you have can disable the onboard audio device in the bios, then reboot, and try again.
    If you list the details of your system, I might be able to offer more detailed help.

  12. Prince Asad says:

    I tried it and got my problem solve,thanks yar

  13. Geoff says:

    @Prince Asad – Glad it helped. Thanks for your feedback.

  14. sharan says:

    i tried not working

  15. suhaib says:

    hair.I trid its my problem is sold thank you very much to give such wonderful solution onceagin tanks…

  16. Thinakaran says:

    Hi, i tried to installing the realtek hd audio driver but showing follwing error pls help me.
    Error : install realtek hd audio driver failure error code: 0xE0000203

  17. Geoff says:

    @Thinakaran – Error code 0xE0000203 when installing audio drivers is mostly caused by a problem with the MS UAA device.
    First thing to try is to uninstall the Realtek device inthe Device Manager under Sound, Video and Game Controllers category. Then reboot and install the Realtek HD audio driver again.

    If the Realtek device is not there, or the above does not work, you also need to uninstall the MS UAA device in the Device Manager under the System category.
    If this gives you any problems, boot into Safe Mode (using the F8 key during Windows start) first and then uninstall the device.

    If you still can’t uninstall the MS UAA device in Safe Mode, disable it first, then boot into Safe Mode again and uninstall it.
    (In Safe Mode only the minimal required drivers are loaded.)

    After all this, boot into Windows in normal mode and reinstall the Relatek HD audio driver (the MS driver should get reinstalled automatically).

  18. ankasa says:

    sir when in my PC I install window profeaaional and now my system volume are not there. when I try to install Realtek High Definition Audio it .is not install a diagonal box appear and say no device support this . what should I do. before this when I have window ultimate I install this easily from same source. plz suggest me

  19. ankasa says:

    window 7 ultimate I install Realtek High Definition Audio then sound come. but in window professional I install this from.same source but it is not installed. plz give me instruction

  20. Geoff says:

    @ankasa – Not sure if I get the problem correctly, but if you get an error saying that there is no device that is supported, it means you have the wrong driver.
    Regarding the difference between the Ultimate and Professional edition, there should be no difference in respect to the audio driver. Just make sure you install the audio driver with admin rights.

  21. venkat says:

    I have a PCI add-on sound card on my 32 bit system.It worked fine ,then I installed windows 64 bit OS and tried to install audio drivers, but it display” PLEASE PLUGIN C MEDIA PCI AUDIO” please help me?

  22. Geoff says:

    @venkat – When you see a driver installer asking to pug in the hardware device during installation, you can assume that either the driver is not the correct one, or the hardware has a problem.
    Basically the driver is not finding the audio device, so I suggest that you open the computer again and check that the PCI card is properly inserted.
    After that, boot and check in the BIOS that the onboard audio card (if any) is disabled, so there is no conflict.
    Next make sure you have the right drivers for the audio card and the Windows version and architecture, and try installing again.

  23. vaghela ajay says:

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